Friday, 15 January 2010

Truly Scrumptious Milly

I thought I'd have a go at the Truly Scrumptious sketch (Challenge 23).  A lot more elements than I usually use.  Not sure I like the end result much but hey I gave it a go.  Sorry if I sound miserable, blame it on the weather.  I am missing my rambling in the country fix as all the walks have been cancelled for the last two weeks, yes you've guessed because of the snow.

Monday, 11 January 2010

Welcome Spring

Just before Christmas some tulips were pushing through the soil in a pot on my south-east facing balcony.  They seem to have done an about turn and lowered themselves back under the soil!  I guess it's the equivalent of us humans staying under the duvet, very understandable in this very deep mid-winter! 
I'm not wishing my life away but I thought I'd have a go at a design to say a big welcome to spring, when it decides to arrive - I reckon many will think it can't be a moment too soon but I actually like walking in the country in winter.  Though I have to admit the weather this week was so bad that we had to miss our rambling, though I heard some people madder than us did actually go.

Digikit: Full Of Joy by Jamie Dell (free)